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Deepsea OPT file

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I have Deepsea v10.20d Registered, and my Zdoom-Hexen.opt is kind of out of date. Can anyone with a newer version email it to me or open the file and paste the contents in this thread?

I'd hate to have to pay $25 (or whatever it is) just to get it :P

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EarthQuake said:

Sorry, nevermind.
I just downloaded the shareware version and copied the files over.

Silly me.

That will probably cause problems because there have been a lot of changes since 10.20d :) For one the number of categories and items has been expanded and the keywords changed and enhanced, so you may or may not see all the items show up without rearranging the data in the file. If you spend a little time rearranging and editing some fields, you can probably manage it.

In particular you will have to change the graphics for certain ZDOOM THING specials, for example type 9994. There are quite a few of those.

Btw, email upgrades are $15.

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