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Stealthy Ivan

Unfinished Projects...!??

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I was looking thorough my DooM directory the other day, and I seen two of my unfinished projects that I had :(, plus about 15 other unfinished projects by other people (which date back to 95) and I was wondering since some of these projects are a very good start to a future megawad, why dont people try and work together and combine there half-done wads into one, maybe then we will have some thing cool instead of a bunch of half done megawads? I bet there is a lot of peeps out there with half done shit too... :) If some one out there has the same idea as me, let me know, this would be something cool to work on, plus it wont be too time consuming since some of us do have a day job. :)


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I have a half done 8 level project I would be willing to contribute to some one if they want to use it? The wad was uploaded to DW a while back, its called the Project Mars Base, plus I have a few others. So if you are interested let me know...!

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