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Extract graphics from Blood

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I downloaded Blood demo. How can I do to extract the sprites, as in Ebdoom?

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Thanks guys.

Enjay, I downloaded Winbarf, but I don't know how to extract graphics, I opened blood.rpf, and a list of files with extensions like .seq, .qav .kvx are displayed, I can extract these, but no image is displayed. Unfortunatly there is no instructions with the utility.
Do you know what I'm doing wrong.

BTW, I opened a thread on this forum in wich I mention one of your wads.

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I think you can get the Blood demo, and demos for other build games, and a pretty good windows Duke port from this site:


Vegeta. From memory, I think Winbarf may only extract the contents of the rff files - which are a bit like WADs - ie they contain all the lumps. To actually get the graphics, you'll need to extract them from the art files you get from the rff. I'm pretty sure XWE does a good job of this, and has a built in Blood palette. In fact, XWE may be able to work with the rff file directly. It's certainly fine with Duke's grp files.

However, I used a tool that quickly extracts the entire content of an art file in one go. To do it, I think you need to have the palette available (which also comes from the rff file). Point the util at the art file and use it. Easiest way was to have the art file, palette and util all in the same dir.

The util? OK, not sure on that one. It may have been something I found called art2tga.exe. In fact, I think it was a windows prog in a zip called wart2tga.zip

Edit: Aha, some useful stuff:


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