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computer station

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As you head down the dark poorly lite and spoky hallways of Phobos you are constantly on edge. The sounds of hundreds of horrible creatures fill the hallways along we a few bodies from both sides and blood stained walls. A few lights are broken and are either black or flickering. you reach a monitor at the end of a hall next to a large steel door with a UAC symbol and a sign saying "Blue card required for entrance into computer station"
"Shit! How do i get into hear"
You then look at the monitor to see a stream of blood trickling down it and the body of a dead Imp below. Touching the screen you see a map of where you are. Taking a quick mental note as you look at the map something apears at the other end of the hall and looks at you. The ugly mug of the large strong beast shocks you as it opens its mouth to show serveral sharp and large blood stained teeth. You hear it grunt and then run towards you. Firing a shotgun blast at it knockes the bastard down to the floor. Still alive but badly hurt the beast screams and twitches. You look down at the squirming shit and then decide to call the large pink bastard a demon as you fire into its head. Returning to the monitor you see it begin to flicker a strange message. "warning hacker is in mainframe!" then the screen is black. 10 seconds later many strange symbols apears fallowed by blackness.
"Damn whats going on here?! I need to get to the lab."
you then see something useful almost directly above the body of the beast on the floor. It is a large air shaft big enought for you to get in. without any further thought you stand on the bloody body, push in the grate and climb in closeing the grate behind you. Slowly you craw through the dark shaft in the direction of the lab hopeing your plan works. Many horrible sounds fill the air with the smell of decay as well. the steel layers of the shaft echo the grunts, screams and hisses of the creatures. suddenly you alsmost fall through a grate infront of you. Looking down you see 2 imps walking towards another and a another large fat floating creature behind those two. You then call the floating one a float demon. The imps seem to be listening to the hisses and gunts of this float demon shortly before all of them go into another room. Slowly you think about a surprise attack but soon relaize that it would make geting into the lab very hard. Moveing around the grate and down the shaft you return to your mission. With out warning you fall through the shaft down another. crashing through a grate and into a small office/lab area.
"close enought" you grunt as you get up. This area seems untouched by the bastards. No visable damage, bodies and bullets holes and burns. a computer shows warnings about the explosion in the hanger earlier and for the first time shows all the heat signatures on the creatures in and around the sector that you are in. I chill goes up your spine as you see there numbers. however most of them seem to be grouped in a room a hundred yards away from the computer lab near the reactor and a section labled "classified sector". Heading threw a door in front of the desk you are confronted with the sounds and smells of computers and bodies. "they where here. Why..."
a imp jumps out and scratches your right arm and tries to take your weapon. As you struggle another comes from behind the other to await a possible feast. Finaly the imp makes a bad move and gets the shotgun nears its chest. Firing you blast a hole in the imp and knock it back on top of the other. Slideing a new shell into the gun you place your foot on the body and press hard pinning the other live, yet stunned, imp on the ground and fired smashing is head and leaving a messy, bloody mess on the floor. Looking for the comunications computer you see that some of the computers have been taken apart and even rewired by the creatures.
"what can these SOB's be doing with computers!?"
you then see what apears to be a computer but it was not a human made computer. It is covered with a strange substance, almost like bloody flesh. it looks like a mess metal, bone, flesh and brains. Part of it them moves in the dark and fires a ball of plasma which hits your armor hard and hot.
"What the fuck was that"
geting back or your feet another ball comes your way but you roll behind one of the massive towers. The metal beast moves towards you with the clanking of steel and grinding of bone. fireing at its exposed brain it falls into a bloody, fleshy, metallic, and smelly mess near the true alien computer it must have been gaurding.
nothing is right here you think.

next chapter is subversion.

tell me what you think and give me addvice

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