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Non-MIDI/MUS music in a WAD

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Sorry for yet another question, but how do I put in non MIDI or MUS music (S3M, MOD, XM, IT) into a WAD file? I use WinTex 4.3 for graphics, can I use that?

Just to clarify, my WAD and levels are for DOOM 2 using ZDoom (in DOOM format, not Hexen), and I use Doom Builder to edit my maps, if that makes a difference.

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Well there are a few ways to do it, but here's how I go about it:

1) Open the wad you want to add music to.

2) Create a new lump, but do NOT try to load anything into it yet (i.e. leave it at 0 bytes).

3) If the lump is already in data format (i.e. it appears when you click the 'Select Lumps' icon), goto 5). If it's in any other format, close the wad.

4) Open the wad again, and you should find that your new lump has been changed to data format.

5) Now you can import the music file you want into this lump. You may have to rename the file as 'whatever.lmp' first; I don't quite remember.

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You could also do this:

1) Rename the song to .lmp.... yoursong.it --> yoursong.lmp

2) Open the wad in question in WinTex 4.3

3) Go to 'data' and then "load new entry"2

4) Write colormap in the box and select yoursong.lmp

5) Rename "colormap" to "yoursong". You'll find rename in the 'Guru only' menu.

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I just tried this with XWE.

Create a new WAD
Create a new zero-length entry called d_runnin or whatever the Lump name is called for the MUSIC entry you want to make.

Use Entry-Replace and then just find the *.ogg, *.mp3 whatever you want to bring in.

Works like a champ.

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