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The Speed of Doom

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The ZooM site has been completely redesigned, thanks to Mancubus II, and the Doom racing modification (with no cars) is moving ever closer to a real demo release. In the meantime, you can download a demo of the demo of sorts, and provide feedback to the ZooM team.

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"deathz0r -- Types in our IRC channel" LOL

good list of contributors. I liked the earlier betas... good to see Nanami is still active. ?

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Assmaster said:


Ok, since Assmaster is looking for a plug, I'll give it to him. Assmaster created the flash header that you see on the ZooM site. Unfortunately due to a bug in the mozilla flash player, you must have javascript disabled in order to see the random shots that appear next to the big ZooM. It's not a fault of the actual flash object. Still looks good even without the images tho IMO. WTG Assmaster!

And thanks overall to everyone who likes the site. It's my first solid attempt at a php/mysql driven site. Props go out to JJ (you know, from doomnation) for helping out with some of the core mysql -> php interfacing.

Next MancuNETâ„¢ hosted project site - DoomKart

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