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Silent Hell Chapter 3: Metal

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Hi! :) Took a little while, but I finally got off my lazy butt and did some more work on my Silent Hell fic. I was thinking of releasing the entire chapter on christmas, but never got around to finishing it. Heh. Anywho, here's the first part of chapter 3, hopefully I can finish the second part by the end of the week, or maybe even the rest of the chapter. Unlike the last two chapters, I've setteled into a style of writing I like as well as a pace I'm good at. I might rewrite some of the first part when I post more of the chapter, but then again I don't think I've missed anything too important that I can't just add in the later part instead. :)

Here's the links to the first two chapters if you've never seen them or want to star from the begining again. :)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

So here you go, the first part of chapter 3...

For a second, there was nothing but darkness, I couldn’t even feel my heart beat or hear myself breath. Then a sudden burst of light staggered me, and I fell back blocking my face only to find the light was coming from all directions. The light was too much and I tried to close my eyes, but they were stuck open. I yelled silently out as the intense pain racked through my skull, the light piercing directly through my eyes. Finally the light started to fade into a dull crimson and the feeling of my body returned. I dropped to my knees, my hands at my eyes rubbing them, feeling wetness as soon as they touched. I blinked a few times and brought my hands away to look at my palms, only to see a darker red stained all over them. I stumbled to my feet and felt more of my face. My eyes... they were bleeding! I looked around, trying to figure out where I was, but the more I tried to see, the more the blood would block my sight. I started to run, only to get a few steps before slamming into something and falling back to the ground. I slammed my eyes shut and wiped as much blood from them as I could and finally opened them to see clearly. I was standing in the middle of a circle, marked in blood, surrounding me were figures that I couldn’t concentrate enough on to see. They were slowly walking around me, on the outside of the circle, chanting words.

I tried to turn to look around, but my body was held fast with only my eyes to look around. I tried to concentrate on the figures, but the harder I tried to make them out, the more it hurt and the less I saw. The chanting got clearer and clearer, until I could finally make out what they were saying, “Why... did you... Why... did you... Why... did you do...”. I then noticed that the figures were all holding onto a rope that seemed to be connected to me. My eyes looked down, only to find in horror that it wasn’t rope at all, but that they were slowly pulling my intestines out through a gaping hole in my stomach! I tried to scream but yet again nothing would come out, the figures constantly chanting and tugging out my organs. Then the chanting stopped and the as the figures walked past my line of sight around my left, they let out a quick yell as something crushed them. Soon, all of the figures had walked directly into whatever it was that was killing them, leaving me to feel bursts of pain as whatever it was breath on my back, the breath so terrible it quickly ripped through my clothing and into my skin, ripping it apart. The breath rose from my back to the back of my head and then again to the side of my face where I could finally see it’s face leaning over my shoulder. It was the creature I had seen before, the twisted monster that so easily snapped the imp in half, and not it had me, unable to move, to play with. It’s head slowly turned toward mine and a half flesh covered smile greeted me as it breathed deeply in and let out a quick roar that ripped my head to pieces.

* * *

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, I awoke with a start to the sound of yelling. I started to panic, not knowing what was going on, only to finally realize I was the one yelling. I stopped and smacked myself in the face, “Stupid stupid stupid!”. I didn’t know how long I had been out, but I knew all that yelling would definitely attract attention, if whatever it was that was here hadn’t heard my landing. Wait... I looked up only to see a yellow plaster ceiling covered in dried blood, with identical walls on either side. I stood up from the rusty metal floor and looked toward a standard metal door, gray metal with bolts at key locations holding it together. This doesn’t make sense, the door had given out behind me and I had fallen quite the distance before slamming into the floor. But there was a ceiling, old at that, as well as the doorway that I should have fallen though covered in a completely different door, one that looked like it was brand new! “The fuck?”, I announced to myself, and pressed my hand against the door. It was solid alright, cold to the touch. Another thing bugged my at the back of my head. Light... there was light in here!

I quickly turned around to see a long hall, with horrendously rusted metal light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The light it self wasn’t anything too special, some were flickering on and off others didn’t work at all, but still, it was light. But that was the only saving grace from this hall. A double door sat to my side and held way down the hall was a single door, both made of rotting wood. At the end of the hall was a gray metal door that he swore was the exact door he had fallen with before. Next to that door was one final door, black metal plated with red painted markings over a wooden set of panels directly in the center of the door. The symbols and writing was accented with three indents in the wood which looked like some kind of gems used to be, but were carved out. Practically everything in this hall, except for me and the newly installed door behind, was covered in dried blood. This hall... it was the same one I had entered the building, only inverted, as if it were some twisted mirror version of the original. I pulled out the map I had earlier and scratched my head. It showed a small hall and a couple of doors leading into other parts of the back rooms and one at the end that led into the store floor. But this was the same hall as before, only reversed. The hell was going on here!? I turned around and tested the door behind me. It felt like it was bolted to the wall. I sighed; this was one hell of a weird place. I quickly tested the double door to see if it was locked or anything, but it swung open to quickly show the room I had been in before, only moderately lit and covered in more dried blood and rusty metal. I quickly made my down the hall an tested the rest of the doors except the new ‘creepy door’. The only other door that wouldn’t open was the rune-covered door with notches in it. It seemed to be locked.

“You know...”, I thought to myself, “..if this were some kind of video game, I’d likely need to put some obscure objects into these slots to unlock the door...”, I felt the inside of the grooves and felt cold metal inside. It didn’t take me long to realize if I wanted to open this door I would need the ‘keys’ placed into the right slots. I scoffed and just shook my head as I turned and headed down the hall to the middle door, still trying to ignore the creepy door as much as I could, “I’m in a video game.”, and opened the door in the middle of the hall and walked into the room.

The room was square, with only one other door, sitting at the opposite side of the room from me, rotten wood with rusted metal around the edges. It appeared to be an office of some kind, with a desk in one corner and a cabinet next to that. There was also a chair sitting in the middle of the room, covered in blood and bolted to the metal grate floor. The grating didn’t look very sturdy and I pondered turning back when I noticed something sitting on the desk. A smile crept to my face as I saw the glint of clean 5 inch long steel, a sharp blade attached to a wooden hilt. The area surrounding the blade was completely clean, as if the blood avoided the blade. I tested the grating a bit, finding it’s rusty appearance to be only that, as the metal it’s self seemed quite sturdy. I thought to myself as I looked down into the darkness beyond the grating, thinking of what could possibly be down there... but my mind quickly switched to the blade again, and I knew that I was gonna need it. I walked past the chair and directly to the knife, looking around for any sign of a trap. My hand slowly moved toward the weapon, my body ready for action the second anything tried to do anything. The feel of clean cut wood creped into my hand as I lifted it upward, my eyes darting around the room. Nothing happened. The knife was mine. I looked it over and smiled at my reflection, my grayish brown buzz cut hair, grayish blue eyes, scruffy chin and upper lip matching the color of the blade quite well. I looked over my worn face chiseled jaw and slightly scarred face and was slightly surprised how I still looked like the 40 year old I was before this ordeal.

The radio in my pocket sprung to life, spitting out a static I remembered from before. Something was nearby... I smiled as I switched to my combat stance, the new weapon held tightly in my hand. I felt invigorated and ready to kill anything. I started to walk toward the door I had entered when the radio went silent. I stopped and looked around the room. Whatever it was, it was beyond the other door. By my recollection, the door lead to a closet, but considering what was currently going on, it might as well lead to wonderland now. I started to approach the door, my knife ready to strike, a smile covering my face. The radio sputtered to life again, and got louder as I made my way to the door. Suddenly I stopped, and looked down at the knife. What was I doing? I should get the hell out of here, not fight everything I could find! I should avoid conflicts as much as I can. I started to turn away from the door and then though to myself, “What if one of the key things is in there? That weird door might be the way out of the place...”, I looked back at the door and nodded, “Yeah, I should check it out. I... might need the key... if it’s in there...”, I proceeded to lie to myself and quickly swung open the door, causing the creature within to spring outward toward me.

It was nothing but the same kind of skin I had seen before on the metal picture frame, only in the shape of a human. But only somewhat, because where the arms should be were tentacle things ending in points. It lashed out at me and I jumped just in time for it to miss and slash right through the chair behind me, causing it to clatter against the metal grating. My body tensed for a split second before I jumped forward, dodging the other tentacle and slashing the blade right through it ‘neck’ causing it’s head bob backward on what was left of the neck. The inside revealed more leathery skin, with fresh blood pumping though the rings inside, as if it were a tree cut down. The creature howled with some unseen mouth and was quick to slash with both tentacles which I easily dodged and finished the job of removing it’s head. But it wasn’t finished, and neither was I. The head rolled across the room, unraveling into a long patch of skin, covered in blood. I laughed out loud and sprung off the thing as it kicked at me with its pointed foot. I wasted no time in grabbing the chair that used to be bolted to the floor and smashed the creatures other leg, causing it to crash to the floor. I jumped up and with the chair stabbed the bottom right through the monster and into the grating below. The thing howled even louder then before and it’s arms and legs flailed wildly, unable to remove the chair from it’s body. I took a step back and watched, a laughing filled the air as I cackled at the thing, until it had finally died and the radio stopped making noise. I had killed it. I felt like the most powerful man alive!

My senses quickly switched and I looked at the knife that was still clenched in my fist. I... killed it. I shook my head a bit and wondered what was wrong with me. “It felt so... good to kill. I know it was just some creature... but...”, I thought to myself as grief started to fill me. It was dead, because of me and I didn’t even care, I even laughed at it as it slowly died! I stood up and walked toward the closet, looking inside and spotting a green gem sitting on the top of a large cardboard box. This must be one of the keys. I quickly snatched up the jewel and walked out of the room, leaving the body of the creature to rot, hoping that the feelings I had felt before were just a quick flash and nothing more. That I didn’t truly like to kill, not even a monster like that.

As per usual, any ideas or cricism? Post em! :)

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