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Sir Fragsalot

Where the #$@% is the Free Doom page?

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As I've mentioned before, I just got back from a 5-week holiday. During that time, I forgot where the Free Doom page is located. Can anyone point me to the correct url?

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lol, yesterday lut has choosen the guy's face, who looks like the guy (Kevin from backstreeboys? that loooks similar to him), and now lut picked this horrible woman's face..lol this is hilarious!!!11

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Jesus! this new face is damn horrible... where did you get it... I need it ;)


It's in the avatar list... orangcard.gif.

I was using deimos.gif the last few days; pretty much the same thing, except in male form :) You can take that one if you want, I'm through with it.

Hey Lüt, what happened to your "Utensil Head" avatar. It was perfect.

I'm alternating faces for the next few weeks. There's so many good ones in the list that nobody has ever seen.

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