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I have Doom Ultimate the full version.

I have played the GL version on this page available but now i see that there is a ZDOOMGL version. I removed my Doom version en Reinstalled it. So it was CLEAN!

Than i copyed the zdoomgl074.zip Files in my Fresh Doom Directory and i copyed the ZDoomGLMd2.zip (Model Pack) files in my Fresh doom Directory... i thought it Should work that way... but it :< doesn't.
I enter doom via the zdoomgl.exe file and i get the normal "ugly" doom with double screen and messed up :<.

I have a Geforce card an Athlon XP and i run Windows XP.

Could some body help me with this prob... should i reinstall the GL doom or what.

THNXX In Advance!

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Well it's not that i want those files to get workin its only that i want to get ZDoomGL working... When i start a FRESH Doom install with the ZDOOMGL files copyed to the directory of the FRESH doom install the game simply flashes my screen 2 times and i get the old DOS doom look... and the game is in 2 screens..... so ehhh it's not that i want to Model pack to work i only want to get ZDOOMGL to get to work.....

Actually my question is:
When you copy the contents of the Zipped ZDOOMGL file in the FRESH install of Doom.. is that enough to get it to work???

(And start de Zdoom exe ofcourse)

Thnxxx for reacting so Quick!

GRTZZZ from Holland

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