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Wolfen rejects looking for work

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Three demo sprites of models that didn't make it into Wolfen. If anyone has a use (not just intent) for them, I can finish the respective sprite set. They didn't meet my satisfaction when rendered in low-resolution, and I had nothing to replace the harvester with anyway (lack of an APROP_Fly).

Banesblade (based on AD&D drawing):

Banesblade was colored green to make ACS color translation easier (like my Bone Demon in Hellspawn).

Banesblade w/ wolf raider (inspired by Warcraft's raider):

The wolf is actually from a different project, but I'll probably never make it public.


The Harvester is just a hack of my Harperion, same as my Necrocyren and Isis Matron.

The sprites can be rendered at whatever resolution is desired.

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Oooooo, something to tinker with over the weekend...

By the way, I'm having trouble killing the final boss in Chosen. I've already destroyed the four pillars (remembered that from the previous version). Now the lava is up to the level of the ledges and it's moving around those rocks. One of those falls in when it walks on it, and it sounds like it gets hurt by it, but after that, nothing else happens. No other rocks fall in and it doesn't get hurt anymore.

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Ichor said:

By the way, I'm having trouble killing the final boss in Chosen.

You have to lead him over the same dis-colored rock a total of five times. He has to reach the outside edge for the rock to reset. I should have based the "hits" on skill level, but I didn't get any complaints during testing so I didn't bother.

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