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Stuck on Virgil

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So I started on Final Doom yesterday, the first level was called Attack. I thought it was a fitting name for the beginning of the end on my Doom adventure when I later realized that this was not part of the official Final Doom chapter, it was the first of the Master Levels. The PSX version of Final Doom's got The Master Levels, TNT and Plutonia all into one.
I am right now stuck on the second of the Master levels, one called Virgil. I sweeped and cleared the most of the level, got all 3 keys and came to a door that would just not open. Im sure that there is something wicked at the other side of it, probably a new monster I havent fought yet. However, in order to send anything on the other side to hell's hell and move on to the next level, I have got to get that damn door open. Its the one almost at the end of the level, I know it houses a large open area cause I can see it on the map. Can anyone help me?


PS Remember, this isnt a level on Plutonia or TNT, its the 2nd of the Master Levels; Virgil

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That's one of Dr Sleep's levels, I remember his Master Levels was sometimes hard to figure out. Just try pressing anything suspicios, that tends to solve it.

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HazardScaled said:

The PSX version of Final Doom's got The Master Levels, TNT and Plutonia all into one.

Sort of. It has maps from all 3, but is missing tons of others.

Meanwhile, follow the link Grazza gave. If that doesn't help, write to me.

If you get stuck on any other levels in the game, Google the word DOOMHELP and click the top result.

Happy Dooming.

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