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my annoying computer

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I got given this computer from someone who was going to throw it away and am currently too poor to buy anything to fix it, even if I knew how.

1) I installed netzero myself because it's cheap. At the top of every "browser" or "internet page" or whatever the hell you call it, there is spam built right into the actual top bar part you normally click to drag the window around on the right (it says "find the lowest airfares at orbitz.com"). I'll be damned if I can find a way to remove this.

2) Often when I go online, some stupid shit called "symantec automatic live update" automatically starts downloading something from somewhere (it's doing it right now. It probably has something to do with that giant virus ironically called "norton antivirus").

3) "norton antivirus" is so freaking annoying. It prompts me for some sort of stupid update every time I restart my computer. I dont want the freaking update, stop prompting me! Eventually I used the computer's search function to find everything under "norton" and put it in the recycle bin. And the thing still kept prompting me. In addition, there is some sort of important file (system.ini?) in norton that is needed for windows to even work. (I have to start the computer in safe mode, restore norton and then restart the computer for windows to even work...)

4) let's see, what else... oh yeah, my internet has this strange disease where it will just stop loading anything. You can see the page you're currently on, but nothing new will load. BUT for some reason if you open a new browser and go to some page that you haven't been to in a long while, THEN everything will start loading again.

5) What the hell is up with this: every time I type "hotmail.com" into the address bar on the internet and try to go there, the stupid computer automatically goes to "megago.com" instead. I advise you to never go to megago.com. Doing so will probably automatically install all sorts of crazy diseased shit on your computer and prompt you for all sorts of shit you don't want. When I "accidently" go to megago.com, it prompts me if I want to set that stupid place as my home page. THEN it prompts me if I want an email account or something stupid... However I can access hotmail indirectly through google.

I'm sure there are more annoying things that I've forgotten for now.

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Eventually I used the computer's search function to find everything under "norton" and put it in the recycle bin

Erm, you ever heard of uninstalling? If you just delete files like that, no wonder the pc's fucking up like that.

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Yep. Format and reinstall.
I don't think this post will bring more than bashing of the poor guy and his computer, so closed.

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