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Layout tips?

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Okay, so just recently I decided to dust of my copy of Wadauthor and continue work on Stylin' 3. I have the first room done, and it's absolutely beautiful in my humble opinion, but now I'm stuck. I can't come up with how I want the level to flow. Any suggestions for how to brainstorm a layout?

EDIT: Wait, I meant to put this in editing... Brain no worky today.

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I like levels which have multiple ways to get to most rooms, and also allow the player to see later parts of the level without actually being able to reach there yet. Look at E1M4 for example - that's one of my favourite Ultimate DOOM levels.

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Just avoid linear sequences of rooms and you'll be fine.

Try to connect every new area you make back to the rest of the level in at least 2-3 different ways.

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For me, I've had to start with a story. A purpose.

And then objectives or goals of the map.

The rest comes easier after that.

My biggest fault with designing is the floor plan effect.

I keep getting things too close together (room wise) and I have some issues with scale. I'm still working on it.

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