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DOOM64 Monsters

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Hi again,

I'd like to know which enemies are new in DOOM64.

There's a purplish, transparent Imp called the Nightmare Imp, and a rare kind of tougher Specter, the Nightmare Specter.

The one I'm particularly curious about is the Demon Queen. I'd like to know what it looks like, what weapons it uses, how tough it is etc, so I can add it to my monsters database. Can somebody please tell me these details?


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If you're talking about the actual cart, the nightmare spectre isn't in it. It was just added in the Doom64 TC for the computer. As for the mother demon, if I recall correctly, it takes 6 bfg shots to kill, as opposed to the 4 required for a cyberdemon. That would mean about 30 rockets or square double shotgun blasts, 180 single barrel shotgun shots, 600 bullets, 300 plasma rifle blasts, etc. It uses a flame attack similar to the archvile, though it's more spread out and also homing rockets/fireballs that hurt as much as a revenant's rockets. It has a bony spine arched out of it's skin and looks like a slug-baby in a fetal position...if you wish to see it's face, check out the Doom64 TC site or look at Deathman's avatar.

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