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Dimensions Of Time NM pack

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Quite recently I saw that Angus did the cool speedrun pack for Dimensions Of Time and immediately remembered that 5 years ago I did the NM pack for it. I recorded nearly all levels back then, but a few harder levels were still missing, so now I sat down and did all the missing levels except MAP07 (which I can quite safely call impossible).

The pack is here. The webspace4free server was down for more than 24 hours once but it was operating without problems since, so I hope you won't have problems with getting the file.

Thanks Angus for reminding me of this wad!

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Good pack. Gave me some rather nice dinner entertainment although I had to sit by my comp and eat as they demos are so short :P. Some of the maps seem hard (on skill 5), good job!

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The link to Donce's NM pack doesn't work for me. I'd be grateful if someone could e-mail it to me and I'll upload it (or could Opulent upload it directly?).

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