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bad connection

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when i go to my mother's house my laptop always freaks out. it seems i cant connect to the internet by directly connecting my laptop to the cable modem.

WTF? why is it being a bitch. i tried going thru and resetting everything. i even unistalled TCP/IP and such and reinstalled. the computer downstairs is fine. i even swaped cables.

any idea why it is doing that

the laptop uses windows 2000

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most if not all cable modems bind themselvs directly to the mac address in the nic they are connected in and won't work when plugged into another computer. there are two ways to make it accept the new mac, most isps will allow you to simply turn off the modem, plug the cat5 into a new nic and switch the modem back on after a few mins. however my isp used to make you call them up whenever I switched nics (happened a lot when I was going from linksys router to linux machine router) which was a pain in the ass to say the least, but that's pretty much unheard of and most places resetting the cable modem will do fine. note that will change your ip, so if your mom is attached to her ip in one way or another, well, now you know :P

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