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Exactly how Did final doom become final doom?

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Exactly how did team tnts two episodes plutionia and whatever it is get to be a 20 or 40 buck product? Did idsoftware take a look at them and ask them about it,Cuz i recall in 1996 when i was 5 i believe it came out and asked my dad to pick it up and he didnt want to unfortunately,but do u believe Id would ever allow a Classic doom or doom2 megawad at extra high quality produced on a cd for around 10 bucks,or included in yet another Classic doom collectors edition(around the week doom3 comes out)

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TeamTnt made a wad pack and so did two other guys. Romero liked both so the megawads became commercialized as "final doom"

It's not really "final".

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Dude... doom is a true story, isn't it....?
This is very interesting, a history lesson on doom, cool post dude, glad to see that I learned something today...! :)

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