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Darkman 4

Any source ports run the Doom Prerelease Demo at all?

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I'm quite curious about the Prerelease demo and want to play it myself, but, since I'm on XP, it won't work. So, do any source ports run it? I've tried running it with Zdoom, but it thinks it's not a real wad and refuses to run it. Any suggestions?

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MBF has support for it but it's for DOS. I don't know if Eternity features a beta mode... could be.

EDIT: Nope, no alpha/beta support in Eternity :/

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Try it with the accompanying/original engines; these do not have a functional sound code as far as I know (the main issue for Doom on XP) and they'll possibly work on Windows XP if used under Windows 95 emulation mode. Haven't tried it myself, though.

If they work, you won't need a source port or mod, as what would be the point other than simply checking the alphas and the beta for what they are? They aren't fully playable releases, really.

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