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Monkey D. Luffy

Your favorite weapon mods and TCs

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I'm pretty much a newbie here (I've only made one topic, not counting this one), and I was wondering what TCs and weapon mods you guys like. I like vanilla maps and megawads and whatnot, but TCs and weapon mods are what really get me going. (I personally would love to see a weapon mod or TC based on the manga and anime Hellsing. I doubt anyone would do it, but a man can dream, can't he?) So, feel free to name your favorite weapon mods and TCs.

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I always liked Quake 2 weapons in Doom. The patch changes animation frames and sounds only(no dehacked), but gives deifferent feeling. Otherwise I don't know any good and balaced weapon TCs.


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Batman TC
Scuba Steve's Action Doom (I beta-tested it)
Ghostbusters Doom TC (even if it is incomplete)
Army of Darkness TC

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l33t_bomber said:

How about Immoral Conduct, one of the best weapon mods out there?

DEFINITLY check that out. What a wonderful piece of work. Get the EDGE version...it surpasses the ZDOOM version. Not to say the ZDOOM version isn't worth seeing though. Just for fun.

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Cw-sin1.wad A weapons mods you can throw in with any level you play. :)

It comes with the dark7 mission pack. The changes made were the looks for every weapon, and some weapon damage stuff.

Pistol - changed into a Machinegun. w00t.
Shotgun - is the same, except it fires SSG-like shots at the speed of the regular shotgun.
SSG - Changed into a "sniper" rifle. It uses 10 bullets to fire a shot that will always hit in the center of your crosshair. (Does 10 bullets in damage)
Chaingun: Chained into a.. well. chaingun. Except this fires at least 5-6x faster than the regular doom chaingun. :)
Rocket Launcher - Same, but with a new look.
Plasma rifle - Fires slower than the regular plasma rifle but is alot more powerful with each shot.
BFG - A flamethrower like thing. Extremely powerful and fun to use. It's short-ranged, and a close shot will severely hurt/kill you. If all the little fireball things hit a cyberdemon it will die instantly. =O

Well that's it for that. None of you probably care about anything i've typed up, I just did for the hell of it. (Boredom comes into play)

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[quote]How about Immoral Conduct, one of the best weapon mods out there?[quote]
Funny you mention that, i recieved permission from the author to include the weapons pack in the new mega-wad deathmatch i am working on. If you wanna try out the alphabeta version goto my zdaemon server:

[] MarchWhelp's Server[] - PowerDM AlphaBeta

My favorite was xmas.wad, the christmas conversion...always fun

I also liked the skycity.wad (not much of a tc i know but whatever) and aliens TC

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