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psxdoom.wad viewer?

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does anyone know a wad viewer/editor that can read and extract from psxdoom.wad, the psx version of doom?
xwe can recognise it as a wad, but the lump names are fucked and the textures appear only as hex code. I'm pretty sure there must be something, cause consoledoom.wad has the cool animated fire sky from PSX Doom.

well, any answers?

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Mr. Chris said:

Well, it's probably cause of MP3s embedded in it?

WTF??!! There is no mp3 music in the playstation version of Doom.

Anyway, the short answer is NO. There is no psx wad viewer currently in existence, although Deep was supposed to be investigating this possibility a year or or two ago.

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dammit, i'll ask kaiser where he got his textures from then.
and about those 'mp3s', it's cdda music doom uses, and the sounds and levels aren't stored in the wad, they are elsewhere on the disc. PSXDOOM.WAD is just graphics stuff as far as i can tell.

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