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I've been working on a map called "Chaotica" in DOOM BUILDER. It's going to be a DOOM 2 map. It's about 50% done, but here is the weird thing. The only source port it plays correctly in, is ZDOOM. In Legacy, there's texture's on SideDefs' that shouldn't be. I did a texture name check in WinDeu, and just about every line had a error. It said " ||||| is not a texture". I don't what it is, it even still says this when there are NO textures on the lines, and the textures still show up in Legacy. Could it be the node builder? I'm using BSP-W32. I want my level to be compatible with alot of ports, as I'm taking advantage of any ZDOOM specific line types/sector types.

NOTE:OMFG, please excuse my noobism, and move to EDITING!

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What do you mean by, there's textures on sidedefs that shouldn't be? Do you mean there are main textures on 2-sided lines? Because that's the only place that (unless you're doing a trick or something) a texture shouldn't normally appear.

Or do you mean that you see HOMs in places where there shouldn't be? That would be Legacy's fault, if you happen to be using its GL mode. If that's the case, it would be your node builder. There are GL node builders available. But personally, I'd not care about GL nodes and their extra space, especially because Legacy's GL mode is crap anyway (IMO).

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It sounds like you either:

1)Have missing textures
2)Have textures that aren't supposed to be there
3)Have incorrect flags marked on linedefs/sidedefs

The supporting reason why Zdoom will only work is because it internally builds nodes on startup. Nodebuilding might be ytour case here ;)

First try another nodesbuilder, then if that doesn't work, email the wad to me and let me look at it earthquake@realsimpsons.com

EDIT: oh and are you running in OpenGL mode in Legacy?

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yeah i think its the nodes, theres no missing textures, or wrong flags. i run legacy in software mode.

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