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ZDoom sound thing question

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In ZDoom editing (Doom in Hexen mode), what thing number corresponds to the sparking sounds, or ambient tech? The DB editor doesn't have descriptions to accompany the numbers so I'm a bit lost.

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Erik said:

wrong f***ing forum!

Heh, whoops. I was getting all enthralled with Wads and Mods and forgot which forum I was in.

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heh you can say fuck, erik :P

sparking things are thing 9026 but they need to be activated to actually spark and make a sound.

script 1 (int tid)
   delay(random(1, 5) * 35));
where tid is the tid of the spark thing, this will make it spark every 1 to 5 seconds randomly. any other sounds are not included in zdoom.wad (the only ones it has off the top of my head are the sparks, the earthquake sound and the secret sound) and you'll have to supply them yourself and define them in SNINFO as ambient sounds. If you dunno how to do that I suggest you RTFM and RTFW :P

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