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Thin Air Demo

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I spent a couple of hours with this map, Thin Air, and got a decent run (for me) out of it. It is a real kick in the pants to play. Sent the demo to Opulent. He will post it when he has time.

After watching this demo a few times I see I wasted close to 30 seconds so my personal best may be around 4 on it. I would not be shocked to see mid to low 3's on this map.

Legacy ver. 1.40a.
UV Max 4:34

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Cool. While I am waiting for the demo link to appear, I did a NM in 1:35. This was the second exit, first time I didn't record cause didn't expect to reach the exit :-)

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Grabbing it now. 1:35 seems mighty fast since my no mo 100's run was :58. Means you did not meet a ton of opposition on your run. I can hardly wait to see your run.

Thanks for adding yours to the thread.

Very nice job. You met with more opposition than I thought you did. You just handled it very well. Smooth run. Pretty brave in there ;) Way to work that cyber.

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