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Doom Connector

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I started out with doom2 version 1.666 and then I updated it to

version 1.9 and my version is still diferent with everybody elses

version of doom2 on doom connector.

I really need some help!

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Umm, well don't you have to use the same port as them? Two totally different source ports cannot hook up into a multiplayer game. At all.

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Yes, you have to be playing the same exact sourceport as the person hosting the game. Also, the source port must be up to date. If all that checks out, it's likely that the IWAD is the wrong size. Which can mean one of these things:

1. You need to reinstall Doom because the update you downloaded is nerfed.

2. You actually DIDN'T update everything. Go check again.

3. The IWAD is hacked. You downloaded the game from a warez site and you suck.

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