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another bloody bz88 question

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ok , i need more advice about... stuff.

I had a level that runs in vanilla doom2. I wanted to add some colored lighting through scripting. I wrote a test script in a hexen-format level, and the lighting worked. I then copied the behavior lump from the hexen wad and pasted in the doom2 wad. I ran the doom2 wad through
ZDoom, but it crashed.

Basically what i want to know is, do i have to convert my doom2 level to the hexen format in order to implement scripts?

If this is the case, is there a program that will do the conversion? I tried in doom builder to change it to "ZDoom in Hexen format" in the map options but it returned an error saying that because it was not designed for the format it would most likely fail. Sure enough, all the lines turned to garbage. :@

part two of my question: if i have to rebuild my level manually in the hexen format (god forbid!), what hexen triggers and arguments do i need to exactly replicate the behaviour of those in doom?

for example, to simulate doom trigger 88 (WR Lift Lower Wait Raise), i have used hexen trigger 206 (Platform Lower Wait Raise (lip)) with a movement speed of 32, a return delay of 90 and a lip of 0, the line is checked "repeatable effect". But i would like it to be exact. Is there any information on this?

A lot of stuff here, thanks muchly for help that you can give me.

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