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Favorite Throbbing Gristle Album.

best TG  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. best TG

    • the second annual report
    • D.O.A. (the third annual report)
    • 20 jazz funk greats
    • heathen earth

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I put Third Annual Report because that's the only actual album I own other than the "Greatest Hits."

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Right now I am listening to Cabaret Voltaire which in my humble opinion are better.

Still you cannot really find anything more intense than Throbbing Gristle.

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Stealthy Ivan said:

Is this some kinda sick joke???

No, we are discussing a rather avant-garde british band from the late 70's.

They have been credited as being the very first industrial band, though you'll be hard pressed to find any similarities with them and the stuff you'll hear at your local bat-cave.

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I haven't actualy heard any album of their all the way through because every damn time I queue one up on Soulseek, the person leaves 5 minutes later, never to return again. It's a curse, I tell you. But Hamburger Lady is definately my favorite song of theirs, so I'll go with D.O.A.

And yes, they were technicaly the first Industrial band ever, since G-Porridge made up the term 'Industrial Music (for industrial people)' and founded Industrial Records.

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too late, but -- second annual report.

little faith,
i considered including the first annual report - but it was only released to the public, what, two years ago? 20 years after they stopped recording? i'm not even sure if they make any money off the sales of the reissue.

and the cab does kick some ass, although i prefer their later material.

p'orridge did not coin the term, although TG did found industrial records.

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Liam the Bard said:

p'orridge did not coin the term, although TG did found industrial records.

Heh, oh well. I found this bit of interesting trivia on Wikipedia under Peter Christopherson:

Christopherson is also a well-recognized music video director. He has directed the following videos and bands:


Hanson - I Will Come to You


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