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Doom Builder's vertical bar, anyone?

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Ok, believe it or not, this is a poll:

Does anybody use the details bar vertically (either at the right or left of the window)? If not, I can remove it from the program, because its a modified copy of the horizontal bar.

(o) No, I dont care if you remove it.
(o) Yes, keep it, my life depends on it!!!!!!exclamationpoint!!111onethousandhundredeleven

Reply with your vote and your vote only please.

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Depending on what other windows I have open at the same time I switch it from bottom to right side. Why would you want to remove the option? Does it interfere with something else?

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Actually, sometimes I do move it around, depending upon what I'm doing with the map at the time.

Don't hurt me.

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I have it to the left, because then the editing surface is more squareish and it's easier to edit stuff thats long on the vertical axis.

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