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I finally figured out why in Legacy, their were textures on SideDefs, that shouldn't of been there. This problem didn't show up in ZDOOM,and when I error-checked my map in WinDEU, i got a error about a invalid texture, when there was no texture even there! Here is why:

Tolwyn on another DOOM FORUM said:

"Using Doombuilder's search feature, look for a sidedef that has "" as a texture (null or "nothing"). Change that to "-" (dash). I've been talking to CodeImp about this behavior.

This can happen if you've been (trying to) copy and paste sidedefs and/or sectors."

Hope this will help anyone, if you have encountered this weird nuisance as I have.

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I don't when it happened. It might of been when I was drawing lines, or inserting sectors? Wish I could help more.

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