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Hosting a Skulltag Server

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I've been hosting a skulltag server for some time now since I have a cable connection and not enough better to do with it. I guess nobody else is hosting one since the connection has to be really fast or they don't know how. Well heres how I did it:
First I downloaded the latest IDE (3.35, I think) and set up a co-op game in it as close as I could to the way I wanted it. The problem with IDE at this point (as an impressive program as it is) cannot set all of the dmflags that I wanted to use so I saved a .cfg file of the server setup and closed it. Then I started a new game in skulltag, went to options->gameplay options and set all of the dmflags the way I wanted. I wrote the dmflag and dmflag2 values at the top of the screen down on a piece of paper and opened the .cfg file in notepad and changed both the dmflags to those values. I figured if I opened the .cfg file in IDE again it wouldn't like those foreign dmflag values very much so I had to run it manually (which I read the instructions on a web page somewhere but to hell if I can find it again) so the command under start->run is:
C:\Games\Skulltag\skulltag.exe -host +exec tnt.cfg
So, your only difference may be where you refer to the directory that skulltag is in and the name of the .cfg file.

So for a recap:
Setup a game in IDE and save the .cfg
Run Skulltag and setup the game
Write down the dmflags
Open the .cfg in notepad to change the dmflags
C:\Games\Skulltag\skulltag.exe -host +exec tnt.cfg

If you host a server, make sure you set a remote control password. The command is:
sv_rconpassword *password*
which you have to punch in the server window after you start it.

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Can you please tell me what is wrong with dmflags setup in IDE StartServer feature for Skulltag - I didnt understand it? If problem is really related to IDE, I'll try to correct it..
(btw, when you start Skulltag server from IDE, it creates its own config file 'ideserver.cfg', and if you want to use it in manual Skulltag server start, add cmdline parameter '-config ideserver.cfg'. better way to edit IDE-configs manually is to create bat-file for server with 'Make batch' button)

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In IDE, under "start server," there is a button that says "setup," where the dmflags are edited. The problem with the dmflags setup is that there aren't all the things to check the boxes for as there are in the skulltag gameplay options menu. I imagine this is because skulltag was just implemented to IDE; thats why they're not all there.
Uhh, I didn't know what the batch files were for so I didn't mess with them. The instructions that I read were only for using the saved .cfg file. I think they were the instuctions for hosting a ZDaemon server. They also read that in order to set a remote control password the command was:

set rconpass *password*

which is wrong. (7th) Apothem was nice enough to tell me what the real command was after I saw that he gained remote control of it.
The whole reason I wanted to host a server was that I wanted to co-op but I got tired of plutonia.
BTW, how come http://www.doomworld.com/skulltag doesn't have v0.95i? I looked and looked and only just now I found it at http://skulltag.com/download/
What confused me so much is that the error message sent to people trying unsuccessfully to join my server get referred to http://www.doomworld.com/skulltag , when 0.95i isn't there. Does anyone know whats going on with that?

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You are right, there are some new dmflags2 missed in IDE,mostly coop. I'll add them in new version. Unfortunatelly there is no source code of Skulltag available to keep track of all its changes.

Piezo said:

Uhh, I didn't know what the batch files were for so I didn't mess with them

Its very easy. After configuring your Skulltag server in IDE, enter some name for it in edit field near 'Make batch' button and press this button. For exapmle let it be 'TestServer' name. Three files will be created in Skulltag folder: TestServer.bat, TestServer.rsp and TestServer.cfg. Then you can edit .rsp and .cfg files to suit your wishes and run .bat file to start server.

BTW, how come http://www.doomworld.com/skulltag doesn't have v0.95i?


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