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Making rising stairs in DoomBuilder

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I am a master at tags and stuff with Doombuilder.....and Deepsea, but with Doombuilder for some reason i cant get the rising staircase to work correctly.

On deepsea, it had a staircase made for you already, so u just placed it, put the tag on a switch, put the tag on the first step of the staircase going in the direction u wanted it to rise, and u tagged them together.

On doombuilder, this doesnt seem to work....hell, im even having trouble making the staircase! I just make like 5 boxes, connect them all in linedef mode, and then, i flip the linedefs so they are facing the direction the stairs are going (like on Deepsea)

But when i try to set the tag to a switch and the first step, it makes the whole room rise or other things. Then, when i try tagging every step, the whole room rises again!!??

Please help me !! How do u make rising staircases by using Doombuilder!!!?? (Thanx for any help given!)

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No CodeImp, that was a sarcastic rising staircase.
We need a normal serious staircase.

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CodeImp said:

If its not possible in Doom Builder, then explain me how I made this working stairs with Doom Builder...

Thanks man! but how did ya do it????

hey, are u one of the guys who made doombuilder........ ???
cause your name is codeimp, and the websites name is codeimp.com

(or something like that on the doombuilder site)

I never siad it wasnt possible, i just said i couldnt figure it out!

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I got it to work!

CodeImp, thx man, ur wad helped me out.

It turns out, the whole time , it was because the stairs floor texture was teh same as jsut the floor, so that was why it kept raising the floor with it!

The stairs floor has got to be dif. than ur floor u are on at the sttart, thats why!

Thx again, i owe u

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chubberz said:

The stairs floor has got to be dif. than ur floor u are on at the sttart, thats why!

WTF, that makes no sense.

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i messed up on explaining it......

okay........the stairs floor texture has to be different than the floor that IS NOT part of the stairs

There ya go, thats a lil better explanation ^ ^

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actually stair builders don't need to have a different floor texture than the surrounding floor, you just need to make sure that every step has the same texture (this isn't necessary if you use boom's generalized linedef types) and that the the linedef with the next step on the other side is facing the previous step and (if more than one line faces the previous step) that it's the lowest numbered line (and also two sided).

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