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my first map wasn't going to be a drunken map.

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map of my first map, which is not yet finished is Here

I was planning on making that my first released map, but I got drunk and took an hour to make another map. It is really my second map, but first to be released.
Get it here
It needs a zdoom that can use scripts because I put a couple scripts in. Although they are only print scripts.. it could have easily been an ordinary doom 2 map, but I was drunk.
Tell me what you think.

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i released a drunken map once, in one of sargebaldys speedmapping compilations.

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Nick Perrin said:

Get drunk and make doom maps?


No.. make a doom map while being drunk...

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Darkhaven4 said:

What map number? I'm using Skulltag and I can't open the map.

oops, I forgot to repeat myself in the first post. I should have mentioned it twice that the map is for zdoom.

sorry, I have a habit of not repeating things.

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