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Some questions

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Hi !

I'm about to release a set o 3 levels for Eternity only (2 weeks max. i hope so) and have some questions:

1.- Is there any way to make monsters inmune to splash damage ? (via flags maybe?). I made a marine who fires rockets (slower than regular rockets and does less damage too) but when he fires to a wall and the rocket explodes in front of him he take some damage. I read the BOSS flag renders enemies inmune to splash damage but also they made their alert sound at full volume (you hear it anywhere in the map) and i don't want this side effect on the new marine i made.

2.- Can i place monsters over 3D midtex linedefs ? When i trying to put some demons in platforms or bridges that i made using the 3d midtex feature and then play the map the monsters are located on the real sector, below the 3d midtex lindefs. Then i neither made them to access 3d midtex structures putting them inicially on a normal sector (ex. they cannot walk into a elevator made with 3dmidtex linedefs). The only way now to put monsters over bridges or platforms is using the old methods, either by sector height transfer (BOOM) or making linedefs with the same sector number in both sidedefs.
Any workarounds ?

3.- I really like the Z axis check feature implemented in Eternity (now i can run below cacos and painies :) but when this feature is enabled all the decorations became passable (not obstacles). This is because i think their default height is set to 16. So to make obstacles again i must modify their height entries in the custom .edf file i made one by one. Can i set the default height for these things to a higher value than 16 ?

Thanks for your time.


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In response to #3 - you will need to edit things.edf and set all the heights manually. For a previous version of Millennium, I had measured all sprite heights myself and sent them to the coder to be hard-coded into the engine. I did a quick search for that list just now, but wasn't able to find it. I'll search further tonight and post it here if I can find it.

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