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Help with compiling Wintex 4.3 source

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I got the source code here and I think it may be ready to read Strife texture format instead of Doom texture format by simply commenting out these lines in a few files in the LIB subdirectory:

Line 93 in lbdoom.h
  /*Int32 dummy1;*/    /*always 1*/
Line 112 in lbdoom.h
  /*Int32 dummy00;*/
Line 561 in lbpatch.c
Line 463 in lbtexu.c
It seems to me that part of the code has to be compiled in a C compiler and then in VB. I'm not having much luck with either. Or does VB have a built in C compiler for projects like this?

On the C front I'm trying to use Borland Turbo C++ compiler that I guess should be able to do normal C and I need to find windows.h and give it access to it.

I got this crappy "Working Model" Visual Basic 6.0. I installed all the components and searched microsoft.com for this Microsoft DAO 2.5 Object Library (not to be confused with ADO) for Data Access but can't find it. I get this prompt when loading wintex.mak in VB:

This project was developed in a previous version of Visual Basic. If the code in this proejct declares variables of data access objects, such as Database or Dynaset, the project must now reference to the Microsoft DAO 2.5 Object Library.

Choose Add to add this library reference now. If you choose Don't Add, you can use the References dialog box to add or remove library reference later.

I click add and it says "Could not find Data Access Library. Cannot Create reference." I click don't add and the project loads but I get this "compile error: Invalid use of property" for this line:
Call Infos("This is the name of the texture in the " & txt$ & " part of the wall.")
And of course I'm always prompted with no choice that the files from a previous VB will be saved in 6.0 format when initially opening wintex.mak.

Anyone know how to compile Wintex or what exactly I need to do it? The few docs included with code don't seem to mention anything.

Also, I'm looking at the source to NWT 1.3 and DETH 4.24 but their handling of texture format is not as clear and it doesn't help that NWT's code is half in German.

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I already consider it a miracle you got the code from 3ddownloads, seeing as there is a wait-time of 2.5 hours right now.
Anyway, the C part has to be compiled into a DLL in the right C compiler. It has nothing to do with Visual Basic which just calls the functions inside the compiled DLL.
I was going to take a look for myself but I don't have 2 hours of waiting time lying around. Maybe some other time.

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Ok I uploaded the files from 3D Downloads to here. So it doesn't have my changes listed above. I downloaded them at night when it's not so bad.

I thought that was a DLL that had to be compiled. So if I get this modified lbwintex.dll compiled, could I just use that with an existing Wintex v4.3 exe without having to compile the VB part?

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It depends on what you have changed. If all you've changed is the C code then yes, only the DLL needs to be recompiled (unless you added\removed functions).

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By commenting out those lines I just cut out some unused parts out of data structs that are nonexistent in Strife and removed the commands to specifically write them within functions so just compiling the DLL should be good. The files I uploaded are the original unmodified ones though.

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