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Tagging problem(?)

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I have a room, 128 tall with a lava floor at height 0. You enter at a height of 64. (so floor is 64 above lava room, 64 below ceiling.)

I want to make a raising pedastle to jump to, to get across the lava, so I have a 64 square sector of the lava floor tagged, and a switch tagged to it to raise the floor to the next highest floor/texture. (linedef action 20.)

When I play this, the switch makes the clunking noise, the floor section changes from lava to the next highest floor texture, but it remains at a height of 0.

I have tried other actions: 18, 68, 69, 131, and 132 to get the floor to move up somehow and none of them will work. It will go up to the ceiling. It will go up 24 or 32. Why can't I get it to go up 64?

I have tried these different actions in both Doom Builder and WadAuthor with the same results and it is frustrating me to no end! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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NO Problem, Your rising floor is not coming up because the nearest/highest floor is the lava.

You need to add a control sector outside the map with the floor height you need to rise to. Attach to the side of it a copy of the rising column sector. It does not have to be a copy, just a sector with the same sector number.

One of them must be numbered the same as the rising sector so your tag to rise to nearest will work.

The only alternate that I can think of right at the moment, would be to put a little pole out there to give the floor a reference point but one that is to small to actually help with the jump you want to do. That little pole would have to share some lines with the rising floor sector, again for sector reference. Because you do not currently have a reference sector for the rising floor.

In other words, the highest floor must be in some way attached to the rising sector. It must have a reference point. the control sector outside the map is the cleanest. When you are done with it just mark all the lines to hide/invisible from map and no one will see it.

hope this makes sense to you

Ok I thought of another way.

Make a small sector that attaches to the ledge/floor that you walk into the room on, the ledge. Mark the new small sector, which is also down in the lava, the same sector number as the rising column sector. No problem having several sectors share the same sector number.

This way the rising sector will rise and the new small sector will rise up to the front of the ledge floor height.

The dummy/control sectors out side the map are still the cleanest.

If you still have trouble with it I can do it for you in about one minute. Email in profile if you need it.

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Is the pedestal just floating in the middle of the lava sector or is it attached to the sector you come from(the one with a floor height of 64)?

If it's attached, then all should work well.

If it isn't, then you have two choices: either use dummy sectors, or edit in ZDoom-Hexen mode. The latter allows you to raise floors to any height you desire, at any speed you want as well.

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Oh thank you! I do get it. Nearest floor must be attached! Well, I am still trying to figure out the dummy sector concept. Add two more sectors outside the map, one I number the same as my lava room (sector#,) the other I ATTACH and number as my rising platform sector? My platform is out 96px away from anything else, so this must be the only way to do it. I think, (if I assume correct,) I can do this. Thank you very very much! :D

I should have understood this, as I only recently learned how to make enemies want to move into a teleport by renaming the out of map sector the same so they can hear sounds.

Only been at this about 2.5 months. I know enough just to get myself into things I can't do! Thanks again! :)

I had "fixed" it only by lowering my lava floor to -576. Not what I wanted, but 'raise 512' action worked fine. This is much better though.

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It may not work if you do it exactly the way you said. unless I misunderstood you.

One of the two sectors outside the map has to have the floor at the same level as you want to rise up to. the other sector is a copy of your rising floor/column and has its floor down in the lava pit level.

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