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Doom: Mission for marines Chapter 1. Read it and reply please!! thanks so much

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Hi. This is the first chapter of my doom story for fanfiction. I'll regularly re-post chapter by chapter!! Grateful for all feedback, good or bad

DOOM: Mission for Marines

Part 1: Bella

Chapter 1: Beauty and the Beast

Bella Gray had always been a superstitious woman. Every where she seemed to go, spirits followed her. At least, she had presumed they were spirits. What talks to you that you can't see? Are they around her or using telepathy to access her thoughts? Either way, she knew that she couldn't possibly be imagining it.
Having spirits as companions wasn't all bad, however. Bella felt that all her troubles could be spilled out in an empty room and they wouldn't fall on deaf ears.
And Bella Gray had a lot of problems to spill.

She was too afraid to dump her violent and abusive husband, Terry. He terrorised her but she was too afraid to leave. She couldn't talk to her sons about it as they had problems of their own. Jack was acting very secretive nowadays, Roger was experiencing marital difficulties and Tommy, well Tommy was always out partying so she couldn't contact him.
Roger Rizzleton put his arm around Sally's shoulders. His wife tensed up at his touch but that happened all the time these days.
"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.
"Fine," she replied bluntly with a vain attempt at a reassuring smile.
"You worried about seeing your mother?"
"Yes, a bit."
"Is she really that ill?"
"Well I don't know do I?!" snapped Sally. "That's why I'm going."
"Sorry Hun."
"My taxi will be here in 2 minutes."
Sally planted a small kiss on Roger and ushered herself out of the room with a packed suitcase.
"Bye, love you!" called Roger. "See you in 2 days!"
No reply.
Sally climbed in to Jack Rizzletons car, giving him a kiss more enthusiastic than she just gave her husband.
"Was he difficult?" asked Jack
"You couldn't be more different from your brother. He asks so many questions."
"Let's go," said Jack revving up the engine and driving off as Roger looked out of the window, confused.
Hadn't she said she was getting a taxi to her mothers'?
"You lying tart!"
"I swear Terry, the man in the post office is just a friend," protested Bella.
"LIAR!" he yelled, slapping her across the face, causing her to cry out. Why wouldn't he believe her? Was he enjoying this?
"You are a dirty..."
"Just shut up for once Terry! You're so tiresome!" cried Bella.
She couldn't quite believe that she had just said that. She was quite proud of herself.
Terry wasn't.
Sally would be at her mother's house by now. I will call to see if she got there okay. Or am I just checking up on her thought Roger.
Surely he could trust Sally couldn't he?
He drummed in the number to Sally's mother's house on his phone.
In went the underwear. Then the aftershave. The the shirts.
"I'd cut that out if I were you," warned Terry, hotly.
He was shocked that Bella was doing this. Where was all this courage coming from!?
Bella slammed the suitcase shut and launched it at Terry.
"Now get out of my house!" she yelled.
"What are you trying to say!?"
"Are you thick Terry? I'm saying that we're finished."
Terry grabbed her wrist and yanked her along the hallway. He opened the cellar door and grabbed Bella by her hair.
"Let go of me!" she cried.
"With pleasure."
He threw her forwards, sending her tumbling down the stairs and landing in an unflattering heap.
Slamming the door, Terry assumed Bella was dead.
But she wasn't...

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