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Maximum Doom on id Anthology

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If you've got the id Anthology but didn't buy the Master Levels separately, the following information might be useful.

It is fairly well-known that in the id Anthology, the Master Levels appear on disk 2, but without Maximum Doom (the collection of public domain wads that were included on the stand-alone Master Levels CD). It is also fairly well-known that the Mac format disk 4 in the id Anthology does contain Maximum Doom.

I had been aware of PC utilities to read Mac disks, but had always been put off by them sounding a bit risky to use. Anyway, I found one that seems very simple and safe. It is called MacDrive, and you can get a fully functional time-limited version here. Follow the instructions to download and install it. You can then read the id Anthology disk 4 on your PC. However, before copying the files across to your hard-disk, it makes sense to change one of the settings. In "MacDrive Settings", go to "Advanced", and deselect "Display with appropriate extensions". (Otherwise, it will add a ".txt" extension to the wad files.) Then copy the files across.

It looks from an initial inspection like a rather ramshackle collection. Nothing is zipped, and the majority of the wads lack a text-file. It also includes some wads whose text-file prohibited distribution, and lacks such things as deh files (a few of the wads came with one). Some of the Doom2 wads appear to be conversions from UDoom wads that lack necessary alterations to make them work. Oddly (given it is an id product) it includes a conversion to Doom2 of the three original episodes of Doom (not sure there's any way to exit maps 08, 17 and 26). Still, if you've got the disk anyway, you might as well have the wads on your HD, and there are some good ones in there.

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yeah, it's certainly an unorganized dump of publicly released wads(and more).
there's so many great maps out now, there's no need to drudge through old public classics searching. (although several people around here (Grazza) do seem to enjoy that more. :)
thanks for the info.

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Check this out:
It's freeware and works fine for me.


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