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Fic: Oblivion

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Title: Oblivion
Author: Bellona
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 1/2 The final days of a Marine's life, told
through her point of view.
Feedback: Yes, please, but keep it constructive.
Warnings: Violence, mild language, and gore (more is
present in second chapter).
Disclaimer: Doom is the property of ID software.
A/N: This fic follows the TNT: Evilution storyline.

Three weeks had passed since the UAC base was built
on the moon, and the scientists resumed their work on
the Gate. It was going to be opened soon, and everyone
was anxious over the event, fearful of another outbreak.
The situation on Earth, and Mars for that matter, could
not be repeated. The human race was already at slim
numbers. One more successful assault by Hell could mean
the doom of the human civilization.

The commander, the famous man who survived Mars and
Earth, was also present on the moon. Having him here
made a lot of personal at ease. I wanted to meet him,
this hero that defeated Hell itself and lived to tell
about it. However, the chance never came up.

"All personal please report to the Testing Ground," the
intercom boomed.

My cue. I strode over to weapons check, grabbed a machine
gun, loaded a pack with ammo, and took my place in the
immense line of people. A loud creaking noise filtered
into the room as the massive, tanned doors slid aside,
allowing the green, uniformed Marines to march in.

The Testing Ground was a heavily guarded room,
practically measuring the same distance as a football
field. There was only one way in and one way out, which
was through the main doors. The ceiling, the walls, and
ground were coated with several layers steel and cement,
which could prevent anything from breaking out, or so we
were told. If an attack occurred from the minions of Hell,
and the Marines were overwhelmed, the doors would be
fastened shut, trapping everyone inside. Small vents in
the ceiling would then filter in a variety of poisonous
gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon dioxide,
and nitrogen dioxide in hopes of killing everything in
the room. It was a frightening thought. Being trapped
with demons that had a lust for human blood and flesh
was not a pleasant image. We'd all be ripped to shreds
before the gases hit us.

A hand smacked on my shoulder, sending a stinging
sensation coursing down my back. I tilted my head,
glaring over at the culprit. A smirk grew.

"Thomas Walburn, you bastard, I thought you were posted
on septic duty for the incident on Lysithea," I laughed.

He shrugged, "I guess I'm such a good fighter that they
just had to place me back here. Glad to see you're still
among the ranks, Lucille."

I chuckled darkly, "But who knows for how much longer?
Do you actually believe we'll be able to hold off an
assault from Hell?"

"Oh, come on," Thomas scoffed. "Where's your enthusiasm?
If any of those messed up bastards come out we'll blast
them to bits. We're prepared this time, and I'm going to
personally enjoy every second of shooting the guts out of
those freaks!"

I rolled my eyes. "You got enough ammo on you?"

Thomas snorted. "Don't worry about me, little lady. Just
stick close to me in case you run low."

My attention was drawn back to the sliding doors. A
portion of the Gate was coming into view, and from what
I saw, it wasn't anything impressive. I had envisioned
it as a massive apparatus that nearly filled the entire
room, but this was a meager device that appeared no larger
than a man was. It was mind-boggling. All this surveillance
for such a tiny, yet dangerous machine that would determine
our fate in the universe.

I took position in the front flank along with Thomas,
pointing the barrel of the gun toward the Gate. Sweat was
sliding down my brow, and my hands were trembling, turning
white as my grip increased on the weapon. This would be my
second time encountering the malicious demons, and I wasn't
looking forward to it.

Memories of escaping on the ship from Earth came back. I
could still remember the demons swarming around us in the
burning cities; how I had barely made it out with my family;
how the ship we were being transported on was almost
obliterated from the force field set up by Hell. Then, a
miracle happened. The human race was saved by that heroic
man, allowing the ship to travel to safety. That was a while
back, when I was only a teenager. After that fateful day I
joined the Marine Corp, but I was regretting the decision
now. Why was I foolish enough to join?

All thoughts are momentarily pushed aside as a low rumble
filtered across the room. The Gate shuddered, and a red
light shot through. A humid breeze permeated in the room,
and a putrid stench, the stench of something rotting, seeped
into my nostrils. It was a potent enough smell that everyone
present gagged, clasping desperately at their faces in a
pitiful attempt to keep out the odor. A long wail followed,
sending a shudder down my spine, which was soon answered by
other deafening cries of the damned before the first legion
broke through the Gate.

Shots rang out in the air, nearly drowning out the screams
of the advancing demons. Hell had sent out the weaklings
first. The first wave consisted of Zombies, Flaming Skulls,
and Imps. Dark blood and limbs splattered in every direction
from the legion as they were shot, coating the walls and
floor in a slimy mess.

The firing continued, and a total of thirty minutes passed
before the last demon was annihilated, without the cost of
human life, but the victory was short lived. More
monstrosities swarmed through the Gate, spurting out larger
and stronger demons than before. Hell was persistent,
stubborn in its mission to overrun us, to exterminate us.
With every demon that fell, twenty more seemed to take its

For a time, it appeared as if the demons would overtake
us. The running masses were drawing closer and closer with
each passing second. To make matters worse, a Mancubus had
managed to squeeze through the Gate, blasting fireballs in
every direction. The heat was intense. Several blasts were
heading toward me, but I managed to scramble out of the way,
losing sight of Thomas. Several Marines to the left of me
were unfortunate victims, disintegrated in a flash of an

Others followed in death as well, not as lucky as the ones
taken by fire. Some of the soldiers ran out of ammo, giving
the demons a chance to overwhelm them. The luckless soul
would be surrounded by a group of the gnashing beasts, and
even the person's comrades were unable to blast all of them
off. They were dragged out to the center. Claws would wildly
descend upon them, causing a stream of flesh and blood to
fly everywhere. Their screams of agony could be heard over
the gun blasts, sometimes lasting for minutes before dying
out in a gurgling mess. Then, the demons would turn back to
the front lines. Crimson liquid streamed down their mouths
and the amount they had taken did not satiate their need
for more.

I kept firing at the line, turning everything that wasn't
human into unintelligible heaps of guts. Thomas came back
into view, shooting like a mad man and laughing the entire
time. The fight soon came to a close, and the last demon
was shot into oblivion. Many of the enemy were in mangled
heaps, and the floor was stained red. It was going to be a
pain to clean up and to report the loss of life to loved

Cheers rang out in the room. Thomas drew me close in a
tight, crushing embrace.

"See? What did I tell you girl?" Thomas snickered. "The
population of Hell is no match for us!"

Yes, we were victorious, but for how long?

To be continued.

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Title: Oblivion
Author: Bellona
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 2/2 The final days of a Marine's life, told
through her point of view.
Feedback: Yes, please, but keep it constructive.
Warnings: Violence, mild language, and gore.
Disclaimer: Doom is the property of ID software.
A/N: This fic follows the TNT: Evilution storyline.

Months passed since the incident at the Gate. Other tests
had been completed with the devise, and the land of Hell
was silent. More Marines were sent in from Earth,
strengthening the numbers tenfold. UAC wasn't taking any

It was a Friday morning when a loud bell rang, a signal
that a cargo ship from Earth was about to arrive. The
shipment was early, but the arrival of fresh supplies was
greatly needed. Ammo and first aid kits were becoming
scarce due to the previous battle.

I left my neat quarters, curiosity getting the better of
me. Darting toward the landing strip, I noted the clusters
of people forming in the center, glancing up at the sky in
horror. The horizon had turned bright red, and a deathly
silence clung to the air. I stopped dead in my tracks.
Chills coursed down my spine at the horrific sight.

Miles above the ground floated a vast ship, but not one
from Earth. The material seemed to be made of pulsating
flesh and jagged bone. Blood was seeping down the vessel
like great waterfalls; two separate ones on the front side
and two others on the backside. Each splashed onto the
ground, sending waves of the scarlet liquid streaming
toward the base, causing panic as if flowed over a group
of Marines. The ship stayed still, however, suspended in
time. The breeze came by then, carrying the odor of
something decomposing.

Chaos erupted amongst the personal as demons swarmed from
the outlets of the ship, dropping from the sky in colossal
numbers, smashing into the ground at an alarming rate.
Numerous Imps, Zombies, Revenants, and Arachnotrons were
scuttling toward us, already shooting fireballs, missiles,
and plasma at everything that moved. No one had been
prepared for this type of attack. Most of the Marines were
still stationed with the Gate, also holding most of the
remaining weapons, leaving this area of the base vulnerable.

I chose to run with the others. What else could we do? The
only gun I had on me was a pistol, and that would do little
good against a Revenant. The only hope was to reach the
Testing Ground to retrieve the more destructive weapons.

Through the corner of my eye, I could see demons weaving
in and out of the group, forcing small clusters of people
away from the mass. The monsters then surrounded the
Marines and went in for the kill. I turned away when limbs
and other body parts flew into the air.

The mass in front of me halted, crying out in alarm. I
pushed several Marines out of the way, trying to gain a
better view. I saw then. It made a wave of nausea swarm
into my gut, and my heart throbbed within my chest, causing
the pounding to reverberate in my skull.

The demons had managed to cut us off, preventing anyone
from reaching the Testing Ground. The fiends were
everywhere. A huge mass of them were closing the two
massive doors to the area that contained the Gate. The
Marines inside were firing at the demons, failing to notice
that the Gate was pulsing with life behind them. Ones that
were able to get past the doors were instantly mowed down
by the collection of demons, unable to escape the anxious
claws that awaited them, even with the heavy artillery.
Something big was coming through the portal, but all I
could make out was the rocket launcher on its arm before
the door was sealed. Blasts and pained screams came quickly

Hope wasn't lost. There was a storage room at the end of
Base 7 that contained shotguns. It wasn't the greatest
weapon, but it would be better than a pistol. There was
only one problem: reaching it while keeping all of my body
parts from being severed.

I drew out the gun from the holster and shot wildly at
anything non-human in my way, attempting to clear a path
to the building that contained the storage room. People
were falling all around me, dragged down in a fury of
gnashing teeth and claws. My ammo was becoming low, and
glowing, red eyes were looking in my direction.

A bullet, whether from the Zombies, or a stray from a
fellow Marine, struck my shoulder, causing a spurt of warm
blood to gush down the side of my chest. It stung horribly,
and I cried out in agony. The fresh scent attracted the
attention of other demons. I could hear their snorts and
grunts, echoing their hunger that demanded to be quelled.
I wasn't about to let them devour me so easily.

Despite the pain, I pushed on through the horde. Base 7 was
within my sights. It would only take a few more minutes,
but I was forced to stop. A burning, unimaginable, agony
entered my rib cage. Whipping my head around, I saw an Imp
looming over me. The creature's jagged nails were digging
into my flesh, inching further and further inside, searching
to grasp my organs. My reflexes had slowed, but I was able
to blow the bastard's brains out. However, I was now left
with a bullet wound and a rather large, gaping hole near my

Dizziness was starting to overtake me, and the bitter taste
of copper flowed into my mouth. The land around me was
spinning, and the voices of man and beast were slowly
drowning out. I tried to force myself on, but the searing
pain increased, and my vision darkened. A body dropped in
front of me, and my feet stumbled over it, making me crash
to the cold ground. Instinct was yelling at me to get back
up or perish, but I was too far-gone to move. Shadows loomed
over me, and black gradually began to creep over my eyes.

Claws were roughly grabbing hold of my arms and dragging my
body to somewhere unknown. Memories of home flooded back to
my mind. Beautiful Pensacola County. It was springtime there.
How I wished I could have seen the lilac bushes in full bloom
one last time. But I was surly dead now. The darkness took

Was I dead? Where exactly was I? Heaven? Hell? Pain was
still spreading along my entire frame, and I fought to open
my eyelids. Then, the noises came. Deafening screams were
echoing everywhere. I jolted awake. I was still very much
alive and neither on Heaven or Hell. I was trapped on the
UAC base, though it surly did resemble Hell.

I had been placed on my back outside the hanger. To my
surprise, there were a great deal of Marines still alive.
Four lines were kept of the thrashing people. The first line contained the weak, barely alive, and they were being hauled
into makeshift buildings beside the hangers. The same Marines
came out minutes later at the opposite door, but they came
out Zombies. The second line, holding the ones with minor
wounds, broke off into two segments: one leading to a group
of Imps with spikes, and the other to Zombies with nails and hammers. Men were impaled alive. Their limbs twitched
violently in agony as they were strung up for all to see.
The ones pierced through their abdomens let out horrendous
screams that rang in my ears. Gurgling could be heard from
the ones that had the spikes shoved through their throats.
The others were mercilessly crucified on the walls.

My eyes burned with the onslaught of tears, and I began to
sob. There was a third line of men, and they were strung
up by their legs near the crucified. The demons swarmed in
sadistic pleasure to rend the bodies to pieces, leaving a
heap of mangled flesh that was once human.

A recognizable yell drew back my attention. Thomas. A group
of demons had him surrounded, holding him in place as another brought over a noose. He spotted me on the ground, and the
sad gleam in his eyes made me sob even harder. I found my
hand stretching out to him, trying to reach him, trying to
comfort him. His long arm extended as well, but we would
never reach each other.

Once the rope was tied securely around his neck, one of the
Imps hobbled behind a tree and gradually pulled him up until
he was left dangling. Grunts of satisfaction followed. Those
sick bastards. They were laughing at him, at all of us, for
the misery we were being put through. I could see the
malicious glint in their beady eyes.

The monsters tore at him, slicing his belly open while he
was still kicking. Blood spurted from his mouth, and his eyes
became wide with pain. Intestines were yanked from his body,
several minions fighting and tugging over the organ as each
tried to devour it. Thomas finally grew lax, and his mouth
remained open in a silent scream. His abdomen was soon left
empty, trickling blood onto the stained ground.

Nausea swept over me, and I could barely keep myself from
vomiting. The fourth line contained most of the women, and
they were shoved side by side. Several of the demons paced
around them, gazing each one over. Spotting one they liked,
their sharp nails raised in the air and slashed down. What
were they doing? The clothing, not the flesh, was being
ripped to shreds. Realization dawned on me, and I averted
my gaze. I didn't need to see it. The screams of "mercy"
were horrific enough.

I couldn't help but wonder my fate. That was soon answered
when an Imp came near, latching onto my leg, dragging me
roughly toward the second line. So that was their plan.
They were going to mount me on a wall or spike like some
sort of trophy! They weren't going to do that to me, at
least not alive.

I laid out my hands, desperately searching the ground and
reachable corpses for any feasible weapons. Cold metal came
over my touch, and I eagerly grabbed hold. It was a pistol.
I held it up and fired, sending a bullet streaming through
the Imp's neck. The demon fell back, gurgling as blood
sprayed out of its neck, falling over to the ground in a
writhing heap. The noise alerted other demons, and I could
see them storming toward me.

To think, I had survived Hell on Earth to only end up dead
a few years later, by the same forces of horror, on a
desolate moon. I wanted to live out my days in peace and
die of old age in a bed. This wasn't how I wanted life to
end. There was no other choice, though. Perhaps I would
find peace on the other side or maybe another Hell was lying
in wait for me.

The frigid, metallic barrel of the pistol fit snugly into
my mouth. I would take the coward's way out. God forgive me.
I pulled the trigger................


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I liked the story, but not the way it ended - wish the main character had lived on.

Maybe describing the surroundings a bit better would've made the story even more immersive, but generally, I think you did a decent job, but please, let the main character live a bit longer the next time you write a story.

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Awesome work. It reminds me of how we really haven't had any good quality fan fiction lately, aside from Darknation's hilarious tale.

And I agree with DSM, I'd like to see the hero live a bit longer next time.

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