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Hey, My name's Owen.
I've been playing doom games for years. I had Wolfenstein, Doom, Doom II etc. on an old A5000 Archimedes computer. I got a pc during the Win95 surge and of course got Doom 95 and copied over my WAD files. I used to make my own wads but I am now out of practice. So much in fact that I have no idea where to begin. Anyone recommend utilities, turoials etc. etc. etc. Oh and MUST OWN custom WADs.
Also I use Doom 95 so anything I need to know about running custom WADs on it, will it work, will it wipe everything else, will I be sorry.

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Doom 95 should run most released PWADs; practically any wad NOT doing the following will work:

* Uses a DeHackEd patch to modify the engine.
* Includes badly placed additional (graphics) resources.
* Requires a source-based hack that modifies DOOM's functionality.

I assume you're familiar with DOOM's command line parameters (-file, -warp, etc.), and in some instances you might want to start the game through a batch file, a short cut prompt, or through Run, using these parameters instead of the launcher, especially when loading multiple PWADs (since the Doom95 launcher loads only 1.)

Unlike practically all the source hacks Doom95 is pretty much a straight port of the DOS originals, so it will do fine for standard PWADs without needing to configure anything and without potential incompatibilities, or weird behavior. Also its bugs are mostly known and documented, so again you know what to expect.

I'm too lazy to start listing recommended PWADs, but there's been a few threads about the subject from different perspectives; I'm sure another (generous) forum-goer will link those soom enough. Or else do forum searches for favorite wads, best wads or somesuch.

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Use a source port, preferably zDoom, as it will function far better than that Doom95 garbage.

As for my favorite WADs: Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed I & II, Memento Mori I & II, Requiem and Scythe.

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