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Mozilla Spacehorse. I mean Moonlemur.

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Yay, Mozilla Superbug.

That was odd. I had to click the link on that page 3 times. The first time it said "document contains no data", then it said "location timed out" (after like 5 milliseconds), and only on the third try did it begin downloading.

Oh well, works now.

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Doom-Child said:

I can't figure out how to configure the list of names. What the hell is "about:config"?


Type it into your location bar.

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Mozilla Gibbed-elemental
Mozilla Archmastermind
Mozilla Cybervile
Mozilla Shotgun-revenant

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/me edits it so it generates random industrial band names

Hmm...my first result was Puppyliebe. Perhaps I screwed up. Possible real names that can be generated with it now: Kraftwerk, Nettwerk, Neubauten, Puppygristle (so I took a little liberty with that), Download, and Neu!. Heh.

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