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Doom letters,anyone got em?

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Ahem by doom letters i mean the level Texts,the Title screen text.

I just need the plain letters and numbers and if possible,The Actual Doom logo letters.

Does anyone have these in a zip or something?

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I was in the process of 'ripping' all the text letters and numbers so I could use them in MSN then I remembered you can only use 5 different smilies at a time.

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You mean emoticons.

Thanks for contacting MSN tech support. Have a nice day.

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You dont want to know how much I needed that yesterday.

At least that will be the last time I name maps using MAPINFO to lines of text, beat every level and take screenshots of the endscreen. On the bright side, it DOES center it for you, if you're doing credit screens.

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Infinite Ammunition said:

Anyway isn't it possible to rip the font with Wintex?

That's exactly what I did and posted already:

exl said:
I compiled this a while back.

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