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Encountering problems with Jdoom

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I'd just like everyone to know that I'm back :)

I have a new laptop and it works like a charm! I can have the resolution at 1024x768 and no slowdown with Zdoom (thanks to better video)!

Jdoom works good now (I guess I have accelerated software), but I found a boo boo in the game. Whenever I play Doom, when I look at radiation or any water-like substance, I get this yellow crappy stuff and the game slows down considerably. What the heck is wrong with it?

As soon as my dad slaves my old harddrive and I get all my old stuff back (i.e. games, music, and personal stuff), I'll be back in business. But first, answer the graphics question.

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It didn't help...

I need help (not that I'll be using Jdoom that much but I need the problem fixed just incase stuff happens).

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The only way to make it stop is to turn off smooth texture movement or something like that in the control panel.

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