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bryant robinson

stuck with a zdoom hexen format wad

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Hey! I had just converted my map to zdoom hexen format. Once a wad has been converted to zdoom hexen format,is there anyway to convert the level back to regular doom format? I somehow screwed up and deleted my original doom format wad and now i'm stuck with just the converted zdoom wad.

Bryant robinson

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In both WadAuthor and Doom Builder you just can copy your whole map in the clipboard, then make a Doom format map and paste it in there. Probably works in Deepsea too, but I didn't try.

You'll probably lose a bunch/all line specials which don't exist in Doom format maps.

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Although he could copy/paste in DeePsea, doesn't have to. Just open the Level in a DOOM2 project and it will automatically convert formats. All the specials and tags can remain, although he'll have to manually change the specials back - at least they are there to see. (This will be automated to some extent later, but obviously scripts can't be done).

I had to do that once myself - not terribly hard. Just compare the 2 levels in their respective formats (both open at the same time) and grunt through it.

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