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How To Make Water and crazy things

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First, I'd STRONGLY suggest getting a copy of EDGE (latest version), and then downloading all the DDF documentation and RTS Online (latest version), it's very very fun using that Mod, IMO. :)

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I just started level editing and i need a bunch of help

Nothing against Edge, but that's not an easy place to start:)

Don't know at what stage you are (that made you ask for help here), but here's generic beginner advice:

First - stick with stock DOOM (so you don't get learning overload).

Second - use an editor that has online help. DeePsea, WadAuthor and DOOMCAD all have online docs giving you an overview of what level editing is all about - like the terminology and sample levels. These are all Window's based editors so there's very little to do, except install them.

Third - check out other docs about editing. Not all of them are accurate and some are just plain ole incorrect (either obsolete info or just ignorant writings), however, they all contribute towards giving you some background:)

Basically there are 2 things to learn: 1) The composition of a MAP/Level; and 2) How the editor operates.

Put in the effort reading the help and following the tutorials and then it will at least be easier to post a specific question beyond "a bunch".

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I dunno what I was thinking, sorry Jack! :)

No problem. I too was worried about giving the wrong impression to your earlier reply. Funny how sometimes writing seems to take different twists from face-to-face conversation.

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