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WTF, its too dark (command & conquer: generals)

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well i just updated my dad's system to an athlon 1800+ and a geforce 2 GTS.

however the game "command & conquer: generals: is not running correctly. it runs slow and for some reason the ground (anything that isn't vehcles, buildings or troops) is black. except during in game cut-sences and when you press menu.

128MB DDR (i know it could use more, but this seems to be a graphics thing)
Geforce II GTS, 32MB DDR ram. game ran on TNT2 a friend has
1800+ athloneXP CPU
via chipsets

i have updated the graphics driver, AGP driver and directX. no effect on the game.
All the Nvidia demo's i have tried work perfectly, gamma is a bit low but nothing that cant be fixed.

all i can think of is maybe a BIOS setting

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I know why it's not running correctly, Generals is a major resource eater. That machine is not that good, Turn all the detail settings down to minimum and try that. That video card isnt gonna run generals that well. I have a Geforce 2 Mx400, but with 64MB of video ram, it can cope with everything turned off. You'll need more system ram as well and a faster PC. I also know you can run the game on a TNT2 but it's not worth the effort of trying it.

Also, My machine is semi-decent, it's getting old but it runs slow on mine, and I know freinds who have faster machines and it still run fairly slowly. You'll need a fairly capable machine to run it at full detail.

Crono: Don't post, learn english and don't give advice :P

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Crono said:

reinstall the game ... it's not your BIOS for your BIOS has nothing to do with the graphics ... have you tried different drivers?

well true and false
AGP settings have have impact on certian things. really true if you have a cheap main baord
i have seen cards freak out with AGP apature settings changed from default. though rare it still happens. also I disabled the onboard sound, which helped with other programs

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after researching this issue i beleive the fault is on bad game programing. the game simply has too many graphical bugs, also explaining why it is slow on new systems.

this exact error is common, even on new graphics cards. like geforce FX and ATI 9800. i have checked a number of gaming sites and boards about this issue. all pointing to the same thing. the game has serious bugs.
once agian and example of what happens when a company fails to do beta testing.

this would be the second game they bought that was botched. i mean come on, beta test your games on more than 1 system!
i would have to do heavy tweaking to windows for it to work, and i am lazy and dont feel like doing it for a game i dont play and the fact that my dad will not pay me for it.

the first game was a civil war game, by cat daddy gamesl. the box and system specs says it will run in win2000/XP yet it does not. infact i havnt found a person yet who has gotten it to run in a NT based windows. on top of that the game also has serious issues.

words of advice, research any games before making impulse buys. check for hardware issues.

i dont see EA releaseing a patch anytime soon. infact the havn't even made a statment about this extreamly common problem

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You're going to drop generals like that? Don't do that! Generals is a great game, sure it's got bugs, but out of every system I've seen it get installed on, it's flawless. Also, Generals does not need heavy tweaking to run. It's very CPU intensive. Don't blame the game for that. Trust me, it needs that horsepower, the game looks amazing on a powerful machine.

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