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after looking at the bloody mass of the dismembered cybernetic brain like creature you glance at the even more bizar object it was gaurding. It was attached to one of the main computer controlers. It was unlike anything u had ever seen and you were sure no human made it. parts of it glowed with a blood red liquid. The lower part was a strange reflective brown colored metal. The screen pulsed as if there was a heart behind it. many small unroconizable symbols apeared as you touched it.
"feels warm!! Is it...alive?!" you shout as u jump back after touching the ingraved symbols below the small screen. With out any more thought you smash it with the but of the shutgun and your huge ass boot. The alien device dies with a strange sound and the spray of a red and green bad smelling fluid. Suddenly you hear a swarm of screams and grunts coming your way.
"SHIT! I set off an alarm of theirs!" you quickly beigin to move down the halls when something cathces your eye in a dark room on your left. A dead soldier and two scientist lay on the floor next to a small ammo crate that the first soliders brought out of the ship. The soldier also had a gernade with the armed light on, which caught your eye. you grab the gernade and remove the remote slowly. finding two more in the mans pack as well as several rounds of shells and a plasma cell. The ammo crate then gives you a box of shells, another plasma cell, two mini rockets, five gernades and a detpack. quickly you rush the gernades to various places in the entrance of the lab and near the bloody alien computer. A imp jumps behind you and begins to chase you down the hall towards the room with the dead soldier and a waiting armed gernade. The horrible beast atempts to slash you and even tosses a hot burning ball at your legs. jumping with the pain you push the button and a blast rings out as well as the scream of the imp behind you. the wall colapses behind you fallowed by a low rumble. Takeing another hundred steps you hide behind a fallen computer tower and pull ou the large detpack remote. Hopeing that the creatures are trapped you push the trigger. serveral seconds later the air is fill with the sound of muffled explosions and low earthquake like rumbles. pulling out a rought map of the area you then head towards the heart of the base near the area labeled "Top secret".
To your surprise mounds of debris and even many make shif barriers seem to be built blocking your way. You also notice many of the computers and alarm systems as well as doors are covered or near the alien devices. "What the hell do these things want with this tine ass moon?"
you smash a few of them but quickly remeber what happened last time. Finaly after hours of mindless droning through the maze of shit and darkness you find yourself in a small well kept office like area. This place is kind of out of the way you think. There are no alien artifacts here and no signs of a battle. The walls were a very clean steel color and a small red light switch is glowing. thinking about the room you also noticed that you have not heard any of the creatures calls and echos in the hallways near here. after turning on the blnding white light and adjusting to the brightness you find the door control switch and close the large steel doors that lead into the area. You then decide to get a little rest and try to find out were you are. takeing off the heavy ammo pack you sit in a chair in the middle of the very odd office room. looking down on the floor you see a nice carpeting with the UAC symbol in the center. takeing out a small medkit you patch up a few small burns, bruises, scraps and cuts. You then clean your armor and check for damage.
After a hour or so of nothing you look around the office and find a small lap top in one of the cabinets along with a bunch of scientific papers and reports. Looking at one report you see the lable "Experimental demensional tranport gate" With a glance inside you relaize you dnt understand a thing and toss it to the floor. However the laptop had much more satisfying information. you find the jernal of the scientist who worked in the office as well as experiment logs. the first few pages of this poor saps life were nothing to you but the last few days were.

Day1 "experiment proves to be sucsessful we have opened the gate to deimos and were able to send a probe throught to the other side"
day 2" we have been more confident that the military will be greatly pleased, we sent a mock shipment of supplies to deimos and our sister gate on mars."
day 3 "we are going to send our first team trought the gates to mars later this week. we would have today but we have had several attaks on or system controling these gates. This is the work of a hacker but their ways, programing skills and language are unlike any we have even seen. they even fooled are tracking system into believeing the signal was coming from inside the gate here on phobos."
day7 " the attacks have no occured in a few days so we are sending our team throught at 7 tonight. we have been reciveing messages about the gates losing stablity but it is well with in limits."
day9 "we have lost contact with out team, they never came out on mars. the gates have become unstable and we have lost contact with deimos as well"

day11 "somethings is coming throught the gates!! some sort of aliens. the soldiers here are doing the best they can to hold them off but i fear this may be the end."
day11 "I have sealed this section and powered it down so the creatures do not get the info in here. I will draw them away but chances are i will die. if any human finds this destroy the gates and the phobos base. you can selfdestruct the base with the core under the base."

the experimental logs also said similar things just more into the technical fields. You decide to head for the classified sector after you get some rest. Making a make shift bunker/bed you prepare for some shut eye when you realize the computer should have a full map of phobos. stuffing the bastard in the ammo pack you grab a small box of food and water from the pack. you eat up the nasty food and dim down the lights. time to sleep

there stay tuned for the next part of the saga "gates to hell" also i hope i did better with spelling this time

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