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Problems loading Pwads with gfDoom

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I use an HP Ipaq 1940 Pocket PC with gfDoom. Playing with just the Ultimate Doom or Doom 2 (both are the full versions) Iwad's works just fine. However, whenever I try to load a Pwad file, I get an error message along the lines of "R_InitSprites: Bad Sprite." Is this a gfDoom specific problem, a problem with the Pwad's, or merely the result of my inexperience with wad files?

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I have an IPAQ 3835 and I tried ceDoom, and I ran into the same problem. I know it's not the same port but it was the exact same problem. I've not tried gfDoom, but I wonder if it's based off ceDoom.

According to the ceDoom readmes and the interface itself it appears pwad loading would work...

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a suggestion would be to alter the Iwad to include the patch lumps that you wish.
this is, of course, annoying; but it might be a solution.

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