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Doom Marine

The Difference Between the Skill Levels

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Having only played on skill 4 for a long, long time now, I forgot the major distinctions separating the different skill levels. Note that the monster count is arbitrary, so what I'm looking for is the technical rules of the skill levels...

Here's what I remember so far:
-Skill 1 and 5: Ammo per unit doubles (?)
-Skill 5: Fast monsters, 12 second respawn.

Correct me if I'm wrong above... and are there any other techical, absolute differences between Skill 1,2,3,4, and 5?

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Skill 5 isn't exactly like -skill 4 -fast -respawn, as Never_Again first noted on another thread... there seems to be a difference in the way monsters react.

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Edit: WTF nevermind. I should read better. Or drink more coffee.

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