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Screenshots for your judging pleasure

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Everybody else was doing it, I just wanted to be cool!

So here's some screenshots of an upcoming mini-megawad I'm making: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/vile1011/doom/Screenshots.html

It'll probably be around ten levels. It's for Zdoom, and has a nice storyline to go along with it. Plus some cool scripted sequences. None of the levels are complete, I'm trying to get them all to about 75% first, because it's those last little bugfixes and detail additions that wind up taking most of the time. I good quote sums this up: "The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time. The last 10% of a project takes the other 90%."

Help would be greatly appreciated. While at minimum I could get the wad done by myself, having extra people would make the wad much better. Doomboy is kinda/sorta/not really working on this project too, so I suppose he gets credit. Music-finders(or better yet, makers), bugfixers, texture-makers, anything you can do. If you want to help, I can send you what I have already(all in all, it's pretty far along, with about 8 levels partly done). Just send me a PM.

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Looks pretty cool. Shot 2 could use some lighting though, to give the scene some depth. And the modwall sky is weird o_O

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Imp came out of the closet and said:

A nice, quiet library. Now move along before people start questioning what a library could possibly be doing in a demon-infested military base.

Most likely warped in by the deamons. I mean, do you honestly think that they can remember every single one of their invocation spells?

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Looks fucking impressive. Great architecture, but yes I second boris' state. You could use some more lightning, then the maps would get so climatic.
Anyway very good looking.

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