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Space Station Alpha

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As I neared the door to the shuttle bay, an Imp stepped out from a dark alcove and took a swipe at me with its clawed hand. I jerked back, but its claws raked my cheek leaving four bleeding, stinging scratches.

“My turn,” I said as I jammed the barrel of the shotgun I carried under the chin of the monster and pulled the trigger. The Imp’s head exploded.

I looked up and down the hall, but I was alone. I looked at the shuttle bay door and sighed. Escape off this doomed space station was within my grasp. I was shaking as I hit the open switch and stepped into the shuttle bay.

I expected to see the shuttle, and there it was, ready for lift-off. I also saw a CyberDemon that stood between the shuttle and me.

“Giving me a fucking break!” I said to no one in particular. I really should have known this day would end like this. It hadn’t started out too grand. Actually, it all started the night before, at the poker game. I should have known then that my life was slipping into the crapper when I lost my paycheck on the last hand. I had been holding a four of kind too...

Read the whole story on my website:


Look for the Space Station Alpha link under Doom stories.

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I saw the thread name then next to it "wildman" and I knew the story was gonna kick grandscale ass.

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*Blink blinks* well written! Finally, something here I can comment on ^_^. Impressive clip, might actually read the entire thing....

-Red, who actually hopes that someday her DOOM site'll get something for the fanstuff section....

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Poor BBG, people hate Bulbasaur, so you use my old avatar? .... *blinks* I thought I was -less- likeable than the dinosaur plant thing..... *boggles and just looks confused* oi......

Erm, to stay on topic, I still like the story! Really really!

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