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Bastet Furry

RoundRobin Map

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Hi Folks!

I have gotten the idea for a round robin map.
This means that everybody who wants to participate do 2 to 3 rooms and then hands the map to the next one on the list.
If you want to participate, please post a reply here and i will add you to this list.

The first one downloads the map, make his or her additions and then gives the map to the next on the list and so on.
The Map should be uploaded somewhere or send by mail to the next one.

Lets be courious what this map will get ^.^

Some Rules of mapping:
- no scripting
- no theme, do what you want
- no overusage of cyberdemon and spidermastermind
- no romeros head ;)
- balance your part somewhat
- if you can, add some difficulty flags on your things
- dont overuse the bfg
- dont steal from others! (ask them politely)
- (Rule Addition) If you need to edit a part from another user, ask him first.
- have fun ^.^

Participant List:
Little Faith

So Long, The Werelion!
(I would apritiate it if one of the native englishspeaker mods or admins could correct my spelling and grammar :-/ )

EDIT: Oops, forgotten to give the link...

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I remember Chris Hansen trying to do something similar called the L.I.N.K project a while back. I think it failed due to too little participation.

My parents deleted my submission before I could submit it back then.

I'd be happy to join this time though.

EDIT: The first rooms are begging for detail. May I add some?

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Macro11_1 said:

Hello, I would like to get in on this..., but i have a question:

How are you going to pass this project on?

Either upload it somewhere or email it.

Adding you to the list ;)
BTW: If someone could create and host a site for this project, that would be great!

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Indeed I did something similar, as did someone before me, and I recall another try at it not long ago (Demise or something). Expect an okay interest in the beginning, then gradually dropping to a point where it's the same 3 persons participating and then it finally dies. History repeating itself... but I respect that you give it a go, good luck.

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